Those of us who have been advocating for smaller government have built a momentum from the Tea Party victories since 2010, and the movement is evident in current elections. It can take numerous election cycles to sway policy and make strides in government reform, which is why we all must strive to be informed voters.

McHenry County taxpayers’ interests are poorly represented on the county board. Maintaining spending levels because ‘no one will notice’ encourages a need for change. Keeping spending constant is convenient, it is too late to just “hold the line”. We need to CUT taxes and the status quo candidates will not do that. Reducing property taxes isn’t enough. I would support imposing a moratorium on collecting more taxes on property improvements. With reduced home values, the aim of new growth should be to reduce the tax rate rather than grow the tax base.

State and federal spending is out of control, and unfortunately our local governments are following the same path. Taxpayers need representatives on the McHenry County Board who realize federal and state money is not "free money," but taxpayer's money-- and debt. Formerly known as earmarks or “pork spending”, grants add to our nation’s $19 trillion dollar debt; federal debt which amounts to $159,000 per US citizen. Grants promote government fiscal irresponsibility and in many circumstances require additional spending and taxation. I am a representative who will stand strong and say "no" to more spending. A representative who is willing to cut costly, inefficient government programs.

While running for county board I have learned many things, including ways in which government can be more transparent.

I support requiring audio or video be streamed, recorded and immediately available online for all county meetings including board, committee, and commission meetings. This requirement will make elected representatives and government officials more accountable to taxpayers for their choices and policy positions.

I am running for county board because residents need a fresh face who has distinctive ideas and genuine motivation. The “good old boy” club has fueled the financial problems and corruption currently plaguing the county and state. It is time for a younger generation with contemporary solutions to emerge and give input into our future.


  • Voting against tax increases
  • Less government control
  • Open government

Smaller Goverment

Equals Less Taxes

Kelly Liebmann for McHenry County Board

I am committed to: